Böcker eng

Afsun e yek negah

برای خواندن کتاب روی جلد کلیک کنید

Hoba'b-e A'rezuha'

Na'zanin Hamza'd-e man

برای خواندن کتاب روی جلد کلیک کنید

Låt Mig Leva

برای خواندن کتاب روی جلد کلیک نمایید

Låt Mig Leva

Svenskt omslag


Vindens Lek - Playing with the wind 2019

All my artwork within one book

Kärlekens hemliga rum - Loves secret chamber


Painter & Author



I also have an interest with the written word, which have culmintated in three books. The books gets its inspiration from my childhood, my impressions and experiences from my homeland, Iran.

Click the pictures to download the books in pdf.

The swedish version of my book "Let me live" is now produced and printed. 

The story is edited by Annsofie Engbord, editor at Textpalatset, Stockholm.

The book tells the story about a love story between two young persons, connected to the social life in the middle of my native country Persia.

The story handles the love between these two, as well as the religious govern that has ruled Persia for over 40 years, and how that can affect two person falling in love.

If you are interested in buying my book, you are more than welcome to contact me +46-70 343 42 62

The price is 220:- SEK

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